A Perth Limousine Company Lead by Example

Being at the top of the game takes effort. It doesn’t just fall on your lap. .Many can talk, but so very few back it up with actions. But for those who do make an effort to run their business in the best interest of their customers is usually rewarded with a successful and prosperous business. In the limo hire industry here in Perth, it’s no different. The limo companies who are willing to go the extra mile are the ones that are highly recommended.

In this post I’d like to feature a Perth Limo Hire company who lead by example when it comes to an all round superior service.

Who is this Perth limo company?

The limo hire company being featured in this post is Lavish Limos. Owned by Perth local Damian, they are known by the locals simply as Lavish Limos. For further information about them, please visit their official website at luxury.lavishlimosperth.net.au and make sure you checkĀ  out their awesome fleet of limos. I’m sure you’d be wanting to book one right there and then.

lavish limos perth

What limos do they have?

The most important thing for a limo hire company is… of course their fleet! So what sort of limos do Lavish Limos have available? Specialising in weddings, Lavish Limos houses some of the newest and awesome looking Chrysler limousines in Perth. They have a wide range of Chrysler limos available for your big day or just a night out in town. From modern and sophisticated, to traditional and elegant. they have it all. You won’t be disappointed! Check out their limos on their website above. This post really does sound like we’re giving them a plug. But even if it was, they thoroughly deserve any kind of mentioning by any independent third party website like this. Why go with Chrysler limos? They are probably the only limo to adaptĀ  to any occasion, be it a wedding or a hens night. It is suitable to pretty much any occasion.

chrysler limousines





What sets them apart from the others?

Different people will no doubt have different views about things in general. So by me giving you the reasons to why I think this limo hire company is highly recommended and, in my opinion, probably the best limo company in Perth, period! But that’s just me. The biggest reason to why I think they are the leaders in their industry is quite simple. Two things… superior customer service and the best Chrysler limousines in Perth.

If you got a limo company you would like to be featured in this blog, then I welcome you to contact me and submit your best pick!

Enjoy the Upcoming Queen’s Birthday Holiday in a Limo

Queen's Birthday

In this busy world, it is always important to spend time with your family and friends. Happiness is not just about the money, even if you are earning a lot of money, if you can’t allocate enough time to spend socially, I would consider it a waste. After all, based on Science, social interaction is already classified as a basic human needs. Well, I know that you might be thinking, am I spending enough quality time with my family and friends? If you think that your answer is no, well, the good thing is, you are now aware, and you can quickly catch up on it as soon as possible, maybe this afternoon or weekend. And this upcoming Queen’s Birthday holiday in Perth, September 26 to be precise, let me tell you how to go big. Even if you think that you are spending enough time with your family, continue reading, after all, these small things like a celebration together will mean a lot when it comes to relationships with your friends and relatives.

Go big by hiring a limousine.


Limousine with Friends

Whether going out with your friends or your precious family, a lot of good limousine hire company out there can help you out. Not all of them would provide service because it would be a holiday but I can help you out in finding some that would assist you. They can offer you a tour of famous venues and sight throughout Perth to celebrate Queen’s Birthday while providing you the best comfort available.

Advantages of hiring a limo.

Since it would be a holiday, traffic will be lighter. But even if it is not, it do not matter since you are inside a limo. Think of it like going to a luxury hotel, everyone likes that, but better, since you can go anywhere. Hiring a cab to go to that particular event in a distant venue will not be a problem, and unlike regular travel, no one will be poorly assigned as a driver. Your kids will love it, and of course, your friends, if you decided to go with your friends, can go crazy. It will be the time of your life.

Parks and other venues.


Playground Parks

So, you decided to take your time and go to a park for a quiet celebration of Queen’s Birthday. It will be a good option since parks will have promo and event specifically designed for this holiday. And why use a cramped car or taxi when you can use a spacious limousine everyone. It would be cheaper and more comfortable than hiring three cabs. Whether going to a playground or an old nature park, each choice will be worth it. You just need to decide what your family prefer.


Life is about the balance of work, family, and friends. Happiness would come from the correct combination. It is important that you take this thing into consideration, and what I’m doing is just provide you an opportunity to catch up on your social life if needed. However, this upcoming Queen’s Birthday should not be the only time to do it. And celebration by hiring a limousine is not the only way. However, it is just a good suggestion from me since I experienced it first hand.

Thank you for reading, and please enjoy your upcoming holiday!