Treat Your Friends to a Yarra Valley Winery Limo Tour

winery tours with limousine

Have you ever considered grabbing your friends or family and heading off on Yarra Valley Winery Tours in Melbourne? Better yet, have you ever considered a limousine winery tour? You could book a day to remember, be it your birthday, anniversary, team building experience or simply because you want to spoil yourself. Yarra Valley wine tours by limo mean you and your friends or loved ones can experience a stylish day you will never forget.

Wine Tour Regions in Melbourne

Victoria has a variety of exciting wine tour regions. Why not escape in real style with a Yarra Valley limousine wine tour? A stretch limo can whisk you away for your own private tour where you can indulge in complimentary champagne as you travel to the prestigious wine region. Some limo companies offer wine tasting tours and packages that include a gourmet lunch along with a variety of tastings. Yarra Valley is the perfect location for some of the best wineries in Melbourne, and you can look forward to sampling the finest wines with an experienced and knowledgeable wine connoisseur as you immerse yourself in the incredible Yarra Valley scenery with a vineyard tour.

Perth LimousineThe Valley region is well known for the award-winning wineries that populate the area along the main route of Maroondah Highway. Once you arrive at the outlying suburb of Lilydale, you’ll notice how the road splits at the former home of Dame Nell Melba. You will then pass through the most stunning scenery of flowing hills covered with vines. All of this is a mere one-hour drive from Melbourne.

Yarra Valley is renowned for wineries dotted along the picturesque terraced hillsides – the perfect setting to relax, taste the finest wines and sample dozens of top-notch restaurants attached to the cellar doors. If you love fine dining, you’re sure to enjoy the exceptional regional foods the restaurants serve, particularly when combined with the delectable local wines.

One of the best ways to tour the wineries in Australia is in a limousine. The chauffeurs really know the area well and will ensure you experience a relaxed, scenic, and delicious day out.

Take a Tour in a Limousine

BMW LimousineLimos are built especially for comfort and style, not to mention fun. You are sure to enjoy the plush interior and unique lighting effects and for a truly luxury outing, you cannot compare a day out in the wine country to any other experience.

Just some of the benefits of taking a tour in a limo instead of a car or bus include:

  • The red carpet treatment
  • A complimentary glass of champagne as you head off to the Valley
  • A personal tour guide who will take care of your every whim
  • An unforgettable day of indulgence – no worries about drinking and driving
  • The chance to try the best restaurants in the region
  • The opportunity to visit the best wineries in Australia and learn the fine art of wine making

Enjoy the Upcoming Queen’s Birthday Holiday in a Limo

Queen's Birthday

In this busy world, it is always important to spend time with your family and friends. Happiness is not just about the money, even if you are earning a lot of money, if you can’t allocate enough time to spend socially, I would consider it a waste. After all, based on Science, social interaction is already classified as a basic human needs. Well, I know that you might be thinking, am I spending enough quality time with my family and friends? If you think that your answer is no, well, the good thing is, you are now aware, and you can quickly catch up on it as soon as possible, maybe this afternoon or weekend. And this upcoming Queen’s Birthday holiday in Perth, September 26 to be precise, let me tell you how to go big. Even if you think that you are spending enough time with your family, continue reading, after all, these small things like a celebration together will mean a lot when it comes to relationships with your friends and relatives.

Go big by hiring a limousine.


Limousine with Friends

Whether going out with your friends or your precious family, a lot of good limousine hire company out there can help you out. Not all of them would provide service because it would be a holiday but I can help you out in finding some that would assist you. They can offer you a tour of famous venues and sight throughout Perth to celebrate Queen’s Birthday while providing you the best comfort available.

Advantages of hiring a limo.

Since it would be a holiday, traffic will be lighter. But even if it is not, it do not matter since you are inside a limo. Think of it like going to a luxury hotel, everyone likes that, but better, since you can go anywhere. Hiring a cab to go to that particular event in a distant venue will not be a problem, and unlike regular travel, no one will be poorly assigned as a driver. Your kids will love it, and of course, your friends, if you decided to go with your friends, can go crazy. It will be the time of your life.

Parks and other venues.


Playground Parks

So, you decided to take your time and go to a park for a quiet celebration of Queen’s Birthday. It will be a good option since parks will have promo and event specifically designed for this holiday. And why use a cramped car or taxi when you can use a spacious limousine everyone. It would be cheaper and more comfortable than hiring three cabs. Whether going to a playground or an old nature park, each choice will be worth it. You just need to decide what your family prefer.


Life is about the balance of work, family, and friends. Happiness would come from the correct combination. It is important that you take this thing into consideration, and what I’m doing is just provide you an opportunity to catch up on your social life if needed. However, this upcoming Queen’s Birthday should not be the only time to do it. And celebration by hiring a limousine is not the only way. However, it is just a good suggestion from me since I experienced it first hand.

Thank you for reading, and please enjoy your upcoming holiday!